Welcome among the study circlers. We are small groups which learn systematically. Not each separately, but by joining forces. We meet regularly: on advanced study courses for mentors, literary evenings, especially on Slovene Book Days in Ljubljana, on Caravans of study circles such as for example in Remšnik, Prem, Gornja Radgona, and in Kranj, Solčava, Jagnjenica, Ravni dol and Izola. Mentors play the key role in a project. They enter a project by completing The fundamental training program for mentors of study circles – see more in the section How can I participate.

The updated texts on the website describe the activities and achievements of study circles.
Study circles themselves fill in the ever-changing columns of web pages by their mentors: such as the calendar

Circles invite and the column of the main menu Our circles – where are they and what do they do
Our work is documented regularly and is of high-quality, with mentors being responsible for it. Study circles are therefore, the form of searching, improving and exchanging of knowledge, skills and values as well, strengthening ourselves on the one hand and the communities on the other hand with the “added value” in the form of new knowledge and interpersonal relations in which we are incorporated. Characterised by our accessibility, diversity and creativity, as well as by the satisfaction provided by voluntary work, and the network of excellent mentors, study circles are appealing also to the marginalised and the ones who do not nag and leave everything to the financed institutions. Together we have reached all six – still present – guidelines having been set around five years ago (more in the section Examples of good practices). Like a real teenager, an eighteen-year-old successful project is turning out to be (even) more independent despite limited financial support. Similarly, the technology enables us the documenting and at least informing via internet. Especially rich is the column Media on study circles, yet personal meetings and learning remain an essence of study circles and an orientation for the future work.

I would like to thank you all for sending us the bits and pieces, cards and photographs of your study circles. Nothing remains unused, some of them are also presented on this website.

We would like to invite you to use and keep a track of this rich ever changing list of currently active circles, which can be seen in the column Our circles – where are they and what do they do

Nevenka Bogataj
head of the SC project