Welcome among the study circlers. We are small groups aimed for  joint learning. We meet regularly not only locally but also nationally: on courses for mentors, on yearly meetings around Slovenia. Mentors are the key pillar of the project. They enter by completing The fundamental training program for mentors of study circles and then start local activities. Actual practice can be followed via link Our circles – where are they and what do they do.

Characterised by full accessibility, voluntary engagement, diversity and creativity they provide satisfaction and networking. Study circles are appealing to the all those who do not nag and leave everything to the financed institutions. By searching, improving and exchanging of knowledge, skills and values they strengthen individuals and the communities with the “added value” not only through knowledge but also through interpersonal relations. Evaluations have shown effects in democratizaton of society, empowering of marginalized, rising conscious link with territory and its heritage, last but not least with culture of lifelong learning. Despite the institutional frame of the Ministry for education, science and sport who provides cca half of resources for their functioning, study circles keep their freedom in topic selection, pace and location of learning. However, they are obliged to publicly share their added value – gained knowledge, skills and values – and document their activity.

In 2018 Slovenian study circles celebrate 25-th anniversary. You are kindly invited to visit our website presenting their practice. Study circles and their coordination at Slovenian Institute for Adult Education are happy with any recognition and support of local activities or further strenghtening of their roles at the national or international level.

Nevenka Bogataj
head of the SC project