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STUDY CIRCLES are a form of basic education based on voluntary teaching of adults, free of charge. The process is not hierarchical and it concludes with an action. It constitutes of 5 to 12 people meeting at least five times during the study circle in order to intentionally learn for at least 25 hours. Usually, more than ten meetings take place; the average amount of time spent exceeding 35 hours is distributed throughout more than three and a half months.

The relations in the study circle are equal, relaxed and friendly. The work is creative, cooperative and carefully planned. It is originated and driven by the need and interest of individuals to do their best and to have the willingness to take an active part in the learning process and the work of the study circle. The latter is led by the mentor who is specifically trained for leading the study circle. Such a learning process is quite a difficult challenge; however, it gives individuals the opportunity to unlock their potential to the fullest and therefore generates freedom and sense.

The participants in a study circle decide on the what, where and how they will learn. They plan their work themselves, they learn as long and as in-depth as they want. The democratic exchange of knowledge, skills and experience provide fertile ground for intellectual growth, the establishment and strengthening of the relationships between people and importantly contribute to the quality of life in one’s community.

Upon the conclusion of a study circle, the newly acquired knowledge is presented in a form of a lecture, exhibition, excursion, literary evening, they produce a booklet or even continually releasing bulletins, they prepare a play or any other performance. Such a product not only reflects on the contents of the study circle and the creativity of its members, but also contributes to the development of the town in which a study circle was carried out.

Spread all over Slovenia and lasting for several months jet filled with creative passion, the study circles differentiate form the common perception of learning, and that may as well be the reason for why they are so appealing and truly beautiful.

Study circles cannot be brought home.